TaobaoManila is one of the best Taobao Agent who offers cheapest service fee and  shipping fees to help you buy from China, we started our service since 2009. Our service fees are most competitive with variety of shipping solutions and wealth of knowledge in international shipping

  1. 1
    What’s the minimum order.

    No minimum order required, but the minimum service fee is CNY35.

  2. 2
    I have submitted the order form, What Next ?

    When you submitted the order form, we will check your order information and will contact the sellers, if everything you request is ok then will email you the invoice together with our bank details. You need to pay for partial deposit so we can proceed with your orders.

  3. 3
    Why your exchange rate is a little bit higher than official rates?

    We have to pay too much service fees sending money from Philippines to China. But we charge lower fees if you compare with other Taobao Agent.

  4. 4
    How soon can I get my package?

    Usually, domestic shipping will get in our place 1-4 days, international shipping by FEDEX, EMS ,DHL will be around 3-5days to your place. Sea Freight is about 3-4weeks 

  5. 5
    Can you tell me the total amount I have to pay for this item (item URL), plus your fee and the shipping?

    If the seller can tell us the rough weight of the items, it’s ok for us, you know, we shall re-pack the goods at our office, so the final amount will be a little difference.