Frequently asked questions

1. How many Box can I ship at one time?

There is no limit to the number of boxes shipped. Actually, we provide discounts for large shipments, usually ten plus boxes. There is no limitation on the weight of the boxes as long as the capacity of the box is not exceeded.

2. What services does the price cover?

The price covers door to door shipment on both sides including customs clearance and duty in the Philippines. There is a discount for drop off delivery to our warehouse. See the rate section for your area.

3. How often can I ship?

We provide weekly service from all delivery stations. Our delivery times are very fast.

4. When and how do I pay for my shipment?

Payment is due upon pick-up of the boxes to the origin point. You may pay in cash or bank transfer.

5. What about insurance?

We provide free insurance up to $200.00 per box payable against total loss or non delivery. Additional insurance is available at $5.00 per $100.00 declared value per the packing list.

6. How safe are my goods?

Obviously, every effort is made to deliver your goods in perfect condition. The boxes are to be sealed with strong security tape and wherever possible are palletized and shrink wrapped for security and better handling.

7. Are there any items that I cannot ship?

Yes! Currency, money orders, firearms, ammunition, drugs, jewelry, perishables and hazardous or combustible materials.
See the back side of your Bill of Lading for ready reference of these prohibited items.

8. Are there restrictions on the amount of any one kind of goods?

Yes, we must avoid commercial quantities of goods, so foodstuffs, grocery items and clothing and wearing apparel are limited to one dozen of a kind.

9. How long does it take for boxes to arrive?

That depends on the distance to Philippines from the inland origin points. Our vessels transit from China to Manila in 21 days so we can deliver from any location in a maximum of 30 days to Metro Manila. Our containers are cleared immediately upon arrival and boxes delivered to Metro Manila the next day, Luzon two to three days later and Visayas/Mindanao five to seven days after arrival Manila.

10. Why are there minimum quantity requirements for certain locations?

This is an important point. Unlike most of our competitors, we have the capability of offering service from many locations economically; however, certain of these locations require several boxes due to minimum charges applied by our trucking services. You should be able to combine your boxes with friends to satisfy this requirement.

11. Should I need to contact you, what is the best method?

The best is e-mail through our website, but feel free to call us if need be as we have full time experienced customer service available seven days a week.